Database decision criteria

Decision criteria for a (NoSQL) database

We base our main criteria on the CAP theorem.
This theorem, proposed by Eric Brewer, states that it is impossible for a distributed computer system to simultaneously provide more than two out of three of the following guarantees:
1) Consistency
Every read receives the most recent write or an error
2) Availability
Every request receives a (non-error) response – without guarantee that it contains the most recent write

Failover of database

When it comes to high-availability of databases, numerous strategies can be applied.

Do we need a complete active-active solution doing load-balancing ? Or do we have enough with a standby database ?
The technical implications behind these choices are totally different, also the reaction to outages will be different of course.


Database (RDBMS or directories) are often seen has the foundations for almost all applications used within the enterprise.
  • RDBMS will be often used when there is many read and write. RDBMS, the SQL databases, can hold any kind of data, ordered and linked just like you want, but the protocols to access them may be more heavy than for directories