Open Source Solutions

Or what an enterpise may need

We will go through a lot of various solutions that an enterprise can require to function properly. Going from the lowest layer to the highest in the company, we will found that the Open Source world can bring solutions regarding:
  • The virtualization layer to reduce the hardware cost
  • The network and applications management tools
  • The collaborative software like mail, shared calendar, systems to share files, p rinters, knowledge, documents,...
  • Backup, high-availability and disaster recovery solutions
  • Databases, directories and user authentication and authorization system
  • Security for the enterprise : anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, web proxy, web filtering, ...
  • Other high-level enterprise applications : ERP, CRM, ...   
We are far from exhaustive in this section, we just want to give an overview over solutions that we have personaly tested or implemented at customer side, from Proof-Of-Concept to real life implementation.
Therefore don't blame me if you don't see here the solution that you are using each day. It doesn't means that she bad, just that I'ven't (yet) used it !

At the left, you can navigate between a choice of various topics.
To give a global overview about which applications can be used in the Enterprise, here is a matrix listing Open Source projects to achieve some a given function :

Function Our choice Alternate solutions
Central directory OpenLDAP Fedora Directory Server
Database PostgreSQL / EnterpriseDB MySQL
Web server Apache NGINX
Application server JBOSS Tomcat
Web proxy Squid  
Network and application monitoring Nagios / Icinga OpenNMS
Enterprise Content Managment System Alfresco O3Spaces
Document Management System KnowledgeTree  
Information Ressource Manager GLPI  
Mail and groupware server Zimbra Collaboration Suite Zarafa with Z-Push for PDA sync
Web Content Management System Drupal Joomal, Plone, Typo3, Wordpress
File and print server Samba  
Telephony server Asterisk  
Fax server Hylafax  
Instant Messaging OpenFire  
CRM SugarCRM Dolibarr
ERP OpenBravo Dampiere
Backup server & client Bacula  
Backup & system imaging Clonezilla Mondorescure
Business Intelligence JasperSoft Pentaho, Talend
High-availability UCARP, DRBD, Slony  
Intrusion detection Snort & BASE  
Helpdesk tools RT: Request Tracker