Why would you use Open Source software in your IT infrastructure ?

Now that you know what is Open Source, you will certainly understand why it's good for an enterprise. There are the 4 very important reasons why you should use Open Source in your IT infrastructure :

No more vendor-lockin

As the license allow it, anyone can take a project and start a new one from this. It is what is called a fork. This is a very important aspect of Open Source. This possibility in the Open Source model will prevent any vendor lock-in by removing the dependance to one commercial entity. Instead, you become depending of one open community.


Having access to the code increase the flexibility by allowing you to slightly modify the software if you need to. And if you don't want to do the modification yourself, the responsiveness and openess of the developper community will permit nice interactions between users and developpers. A simple discussion with a developper can lead to the feature you want added to the main software.

Entry cost are lower

The fee you will pay to access to an Open Source software are lower than the one of their commercial-only counter part. Sometimes they can even be null. In all case, the license management is greatly simplify.

A different sale's model

When you have to pay something, it is a yearly fee to get support and to use some feature that may not be Open Source but which are included as well for your convenience. And if you don't want to pay a cent, there still exist free versions, suitable for production use.