A world built with unstructured data

We increasingly live in a world where data doesn’t fit nicely into the tidy rows and columns of an RDBMS. Mobile, social, and cloud computing have spawned a massive flood of data. According to a variety of estimates, 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years, with Gartner pegging 80 percent of all enterprise data as unstructured. What's more, unstructured data is growing at twice the rate of structured data.

As the world changes, data management requirements go beyond the effective scope of traditional relational databases. The first organizations to observe the need for alternative solutions were Web pioneers, government agencies, and companies that specialize in information services.

Increasingly now, companies of all stripes are looking to capitalize on the advantage of alternatives like NoSQL and Hadoop: NoSQL to build operational applications that drive their business through systems of engagement, and Hadoop to build applications that analyse their data retrospectively and help deliver powerful insights.