Your IT goes Linux ... from here !

Open Source in a today Enterpise: it's not because it is free, but because it is open !

With a few years of Open Source implementation behind you, you will certainly know how far to go, which traps to avoid.

But if you don't have (yet) this experience, here are a few quick links for you :

General introduction on the Open Source world. Definition, history, why to use this, ...this_is_linux.PNG

Paying attention to what ?
Can we just download and be ready ?
Is it as easy as people say ?

A perfect alternative to legacy applications ?
Do we have all we need ?
But I want more ?
What does it cost, really ?
Enterprise ready ?
An overview of some Open Source solutions that can be used in any IT Infrastructure
The last years, there has been a lot of development of project targeting the Big Data ecosystem. As we consider this world as being the next big leap that today enterprises are undetaking, we've been focusing a lot on the different technologies that are participating into this. Because the foundations and many other applications in this world are based on Open Source software, this site is certainly a great place to talk about them.
And because of the importance that this topic is receiving from the IT community, it deserved well its dedicated section on this site.